Slowly Settling in

Leave me alone

Getting much braver now. not hiding all the time and much happier without that collar on. Still very suspicious of this person though. They forced me back into that small plastic carrier again the other day. I did put up quite a fight and escaped several times, hiding under the sofa, before they finally managed to trap me in. Was taken back to be checked by the vet after my operation. I’m not going to give them a chance to take me again as I’ll hide whenever it looks like my slave is getting ready to go out.

What is this strange place

I’m Hiding

Really not sure what’s going on. Was removed from my kittens about a week ago and shut in a small enclosure- then yesterday I was knocked out and when I came round had this annoying plastic collar on and a large bare patch which hurt.

Today I was forced into small plastic box, shaken around a bit and as soon as it was opened I ran under here and I’m not coming out while there’s anyone near.

Ok this is a bit more comfortable

Got brave and investigated my surroundings a bit more.It’s quite comfortable here, but now I’ve been spotted again I’m going to have to run off and hide in a corner again where they can’t get at me.