… and another one

Stretched out

Caught another mouse and took it home. This time I let it go in the hallway.

Strangely my slave didn’t seem too impressed, but was much happier once I’d caught it a few more times, though the poor little mouse didn’t survive my continued attacks this time.

Think I might go back out and try to find another one.

I got a mouse

Cat and mouse
I’m going to get you

Bought my first mouse in last night and let it run around in the lounge My slave tried to catch it a few times but it had too many places to run to and hide so eventually he gave up.

This evening it came out from under the armchair and I chased it into the dining room. I caught it a few times as it popped out from behind the shelves before eventually carrying it to the middle of the room and dropping it where my slave could catch it

First time outside

First venture into the great outside

Finally I have been allowed outside. After a little suspicion about the cat flap I quickly got the hang of it and have now investigated most of the neighboring gardens. I do run away though every time I hear any sudden noises or see any people.