Still got it

After many uneventful months, apart from annoying my slave on several occasions by using the hallway as a toilet, I decided to go hunting again the other evening.

I’m rather proud of myself, not only did I catch and bring home a mouse, but no sooner had my gift been gratefully accepted and removed I went back out and found another one within 2o minutes. Strangely I didn’t quite get the gratitude I expected from this second gift.

Cat and ex-mouse
Conquest number one
second, slightly mangled ex-mouse
And again.

I think that will do for another 12 months or so on the hunting front as my efforts really don’t get the appreciation they deserve.

Been hunting again

After rather a long time being fairly quiet I decided last night to demonstrate my skills and present my slave with a gift. Strangely he didn’t seem too impressed with my endeavors other than to be pleased that at least this time I had ensured my prey was no longer before I let it go.



Come on give me some fuss

I usually greet my slave when he comes home moving from wherever I am currently resting and jumping up onto his bed for 5 minutes of fuss before resuming seeking solitude. However since he has only been out twice in the last 11 days (supposedly working from home but I haven’t seen much evidence of work) I am missing this little ritual so have resorted jumping on his bed whenever he comes upstairs and goes further than the bathroom door. Sometimes this works and I get my desired attention, but often I only get a perfunctory stroke or worse still he comes nowhere near me.


I must have brought this little critter in sometime ago and let him go.
He’s obviously been hiding under the fridge for quite some time coming out helping himself to my food until he made the mistake of leaving some visible evidence of his existence.

Bonnie eating at night Rat helping himself

He evaded capture initially by squeezing under the gap under the door into the dining room which is when the camera was set up to monitor my food.

A couple of nights later after keeping out of sight for the interim he spent all night coming in and out from behind the fridge emptying my food bowl to create a stockpile of food under the fridge.

This time my slave was better prepared, blocking the gap under the door and the doorway into the cupboard under the stairs before pulling out the fridge to evict the unwanted house guest. Unfortunately for the rat he was determined not to take the easy exit out through the wide open back door but kept trying to find alternate escape routes so suffered a slow painful death with the aid of a broom and crowbar. It is surprisingly difficult to kill a rat even once you have managed to trap it.

… and another one

Stretched out

Caught another mouse and took it home. This time I let it go in the hallway.

Strangely my slave didn’t seem too impressed, but was much happier once I’d caught it a few more times, though the poor little mouse didn’t survive my continued attacks this time.

Think I might go back out and try to find another one.

I got a mouse

Cat and mouse
I’m going to get you

Bought my first mouse in last night and let it run around in the lounge My slave tried to catch it a few times but it had too many places to run to and hide so eventually he gave up.

This evening it came out from under the armchair and I chased it into the dining room. I caught it a few times as it popped out from behind the shelves before eventually carrying it to the middle of the room and dropping it where my slave could catch it

First time outside

First venture into the great outside

Finally I have been allowed outside. After a little suspicion about the cat flap I quickly got the hang of it and have now investigated most of the neighboring gardens. I do run away though every time I hear any sudden noises or see any people.

Slowly Settling in

Leave me alone

Getting much braver now. not hiding all the time and much happier without that collar on. Still very suspicious of this person though. They forced me back into that small plastic carrier again the other day. I did put up quite a fight and escaped several times, hiding under the sofa, before they finally managed to trap me in. Was taken back to be checked by the vet after my operation. I’m not going to give them a chance to take me again as I’ll hide whenever it looks like my slave is getting ready to go out.

What is this strange place

I’m Hiding

Really not sure what’s going on. Was removed from my kittens about a week ago and shut in a small enclosure- then yesterday I was knocked out and when I came round had this annoying plastic collar on and a large bare patch which hurt.

Today I was forced into small plastic box, shaken around a bit and as soon as it was opened I ran under here and I’m not coming out while there’s anyone near.

Ok this is a bit more comfortable

Got brave and investigated my surroundings a bit more.It’s quite comfortable here, but now I’ve been spotted again I’m going to have to run off and hide in a corner again where they can’t get at me.