Previous Bloodycats


The original bloodycat acquired June 1997 who died August 2001- age unknown.


He had an unknown history when got from the RSPCA. Very happy to sit on your lap, especially if it meant getting in the way of using the computer. i don’t think his eyesight was very good as he didn’t recognise anyone outside and would run away from everyone, but inside he was very friendly.


Acquired February 2002 aged around 6 months – died December 2018 aged 17.


Not the brightest creature on the planet, hence the lack of tail. He originally looked like this.

Original intact Kelvin

But then in May 2002 he didn’t come home one night and presumably had an argument with a car resulting in a shattered rear left hip and having to have his tail amputated.

Kelvin recovering from his accident

Despite his injuries he still got on perfectly fine, and although one of the smaller cats in the neighbourhood chased off most of the others. He was also a frequent visitor around the neighbours who would buy sliced meat especially for him ( they tried giving him cat food but he wasn’t interested as he had plenty of that at home).

He would often come and greet you outside when walking home from the pub. He liked to be stroked, and would paw you for more, however there was a very fine line between not enough attention and too much – at which point he would scratch you without warning.