Dead rat

I must have brought this little critter in sometime ago and let him go.
He’s obviously been hiding under the fridge for quite some time coming out helping himself to my food until he made the mistake of leaving some visible evidence of his existence.

Bonnie eating at night Rat helping himself

He evaded capture initially by squeezing under the gap under the door into the dining room which is when the camera was set up to monitor my food.

A couple of nights later after keeping out of sight for the interim he spent all night coming in and out from behind the fridge emptying my food bowl to create a stockpile of food under the fridge.

This time my slave was better prepared, blocking the gap under the door and the doorway into the cupboard under the stairs before pulling out the fridge to evict the unwanted house guest. Unfortunately for the rat he was determined not to take the easy exit out through the wide open back door but kept trying to find alternate escape routes so suffered a slow painful death with the aid of a broom and crowbar. It is surprisingly difficult to kill a rat even once you have managed to trap it.